Bramble and Potter - Living and Giving
We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below.
Calendar Tin £4.50
Great for use at home or in the office.  9cm high with rotating sections that provide a perpetual desktop calendar.  The tin splits into 3 parts each containing some useful items: rubber bands, paper clips and push pins.
Calendar Tin
Calendar Tin
Available in Red, Blue, Green, Cream
Inside the Calendar Tin
Inside the Calendar Tin
Rubber Bands, Paper Clips, Push Pins
White Wooden Letters £6.00
Our white wooden letters are chunky and contemporary. Use them for initials, names or words.
These have clean lines and a crisp, white finish that look great as they are, but are also perfect for decorating yourself.
Letters can be decorated, ideal for a party
Each letter is 18cm tall and 2cm deep.
They are free standing so could sit on a shelf or mantlepiece, but also include a hook for hanging on a wall.
Embroidered Gifts
Sumptuous gifts and accessories, designed and handcrafted in York.
Brooches £4.00 
Free hand embroidered on a base of handwoven dupion silk.
Perfect to treat yourself (or a friend).
Lavender Bags £5.00
These gorgeous lavendar bags are created from handwoven dupion silk and filled with 25g of Provence lavender that provides a scent which lasts for ages.
A lovely room freshener. Each bag has a small loop that can be used to place over the hangers in your wardrobe or in drawers.
Handbag Mirrors £8.00
So gorgeous, you want to get them out of your handbag all the time.
Notebooks £17.95
Embellished with freehand embroidery.
The notebook is perfectly sized for the handbag or large pocket - A6 and has a securing ribbon; the sleeve is removeable and fits most A6 inserts.
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